Natalie J Williams on First Coast News about Domain Flipping – In the immense world wide web, there are literally millions- possibly billions- of domain names. The .com extension has ruled this virtual world since its creation. New extensions are created yearly; however, most are country code specific, too expensive to register, or just not as catchy as existing extensions. Choosing the right domain extension for your investment is vital and will usually determine if your domain will sell or become a failed site flip.

1. The obvious best domain name extension for site flipping is .com. It’s the oldest, most popular extension and it will stay that way for a long time. It’s catchy and universally known. On the downside, many valuable .com domains have already been registered by domain investors waiting to sell them. New investors must really brainstorm to discover unregistered .com domains that will produce a worthy profit.

2. Although .com domains seem to be on a different level than other TLD’s, the .org extension is quickly catching up. Organizations are not the only groups of people looking for this extension anymore. Open-source product makers, sports teams, schools, churches, and communities are looking for .org domain names to host their sites. If the .com domain isn’t available, seek the .org extension instead.

3. Since most domain buyers are very picky, it’s important to have a popular extension. If you don’t, buyers will happily find another domain from another seller. This being said, the .net extension is the third best domain extension for domain flipping. When visitors see the .net extension, they almost immediately think of a “network.” This extension is highly favored by companies and online networking sites. But again, this extension should only be invested in if you have an absolutely perfect keyword domain and the .com and .org are taken.

Domain names have to be perfect. Since the options are unlimited, investors must make sure that even the extension is perfect for the buyer. Most buyers won’t even consider purchasing a domain with an ugly extension. It’s the difference between a sale and a failed site flip!

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