Digital Marketing News 5-17-2019: Social Media Marketing News & More

Watch this week’s TopRank Marketing digital marketing news with Joshua Nite (@NiteWrites) and Elizabeth Williams (@ElizabethW1057).

This episode, find out what consumers really think about your social media marketing. Plus, new stats on GenX social media use and new updates from Google and Instagram.

• Display and video ads sold with Google Ad Manager, Google’s ad server and publisher exchange, will get additional auction functionality aimed at removing Google’s “last look” outbidding advantage, while also bringing new minimum pricing strategies and rules, the search giant recently announced.

• Instagram has tested showing most recent post likes first, along with adding unfollower statistics to Instagram Creator analytics data, features that could prove useful to digital marketers when eventually rolled out.

• New study data shows significant differences in social media usage not only between traditional age group categories, but also within generational groups, such as older Gen Xers using LinkedIn nine percent more than average consumers, while younger Gen Xers use Instagram 11 percent more than average. The study offers demographic information of interest to digital marketers.

• Poor customer service tops the list of why consumers unfollow brands, while 70 percent of marketers use social media to build brand awareness, just two of many items of interest to digital marketers in a newly-release social media goals and challenges report from Sprout Social.

• Thought leadership wields more power than most B2B marketers believe — with its consumption growing from 50 to 58 percent over the past year — and failing to fully take take this into account can prove to be a costly mistake for some firms, according to extensive new B2B thought leadership survey data.

Thanks for tuning in, and we hope you’ll join us again next week for a new episode of the TopRank Marketing weekly video news.

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