Digital Marketing News 11-1-2019: What's Holding B2B Marketers Back?

Watch this week’s TopRank Marketing digital marketing news with Joshua Nite (@NiteWrites) and Tiffani Allen (@Tiffani_Allen).

This week: News from Facebook and LinkedIn, and fresh survey results from B2B buyers AND marketers.

• LinkedIn (client) saw a 22 percent increase in user sessions and revenue growth of 25 percent in the latest financial year 2020 first quarter report from parent company Microsoft, adding to the professional social platform’s 645 million members worldwide.

• Legacy system and lack of funding have led 30 percent of B2B marketers to delivering poor digital customer experiences, according to newly-released survey data, with 54 percent also noting that disjointed technology has held back their efforts.

• Facebook has rolled out new types of responsive ads in its new Multiple Text Optimization feature, allowing advertisers to test a variety of ad type and audience combinations using the new multivariate features, which are primarily served up dynamically incorporating the social giant’s machine learning.

• 71 percent of B2B marketers said they face more competition than five years ago, and 51 percent of B2B decision makers also said that poor product information and content has been their leading challenge — two of several findings in recently-released study data of interest to digital marketers.

• There is an eight percent drop in cognitive load when a reader reaches the end of an article, which correlates with a greater likelihood to engage with a call-to-action (CTA), according to new study data looking at when consumers are most likely to engage. Attention spans have continued to drop, while continuous scroll feeds produce greater attentiveness and emotional response, according to the Nielsen/Taboola study.

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