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Check out the latest trends, news, and update in SEO and Social Media.

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1. Instagram’s User Growth is Slowing, According to a New Report from eMarketer.

2. Facebook Adds New Features for Instant Articles, Including Links to More Publisher Content and Stories Sharing.

3. Snapchat and TikTok are Both Reportedly Working on New ‘Deepfake’ Type Features.

4. Tumblr Launches New Digital Literacy Program as Platforms Seek to Address Misinformation.

5. YouTube Implements New Restrictions on Data Collected from Videos Aimed at Children.

6. Facebook Announces New Policy to Crackdown on Manipulated Media.

7. Twitter Officially Launches Its ‘Promoted Trend Spotlight’ Ad Option.

8. Facebook Updates Its ‘Privacy Check-Up’ Tool to Clarify Which Elements You Can Control.

9. Facebook Sets Deadlines for Advertisers to Comply with New Requirements for Housing, Credit and Employment Ads.

10. TikTok’s Testing a New Music Tab on Selected Artist Profiles.

11. Twitter Is Removing the Audience Insights Element from Twitter Analytics.

12. Facebook Will Crackdown on Fake Review Sellers Following Push from UK Regulators.

13. Twitter is Considering Tipping via Tweet, New Identifiers for Trolls and More.

14. Facebook’s Adding More Detail to its User Controls Over Advertisers’ Custom Audience List Targeting.

15. TikTok is Developing a Feed of Curated Content, Similar to Snapchat’s Discover Stream.

16. Facebook’s Updated Desktop Layout is Now Appearing for More Users.

17. Reddit Bans Deceptive Misrepresentation, Including Deepfakes, on its Platform.

18. Instagram Adds New Boomerang Modes and Capability to Trim Boomerang Loops.

19. Facebook Adds New ‘Page Management History’ Tab in Page Tools.

20. Instagram Creators are Building Huge Audiences from Viral Stories Effects.

21. Twitter Provides a First Look at Coming Feature Which Will Enable Users to Limit Who Can Reply to their tweets.

22. Facebook Outlines New ‘Video Traffic Source Insights’ and Provides Video Tips.

23. TikTok Adds New Rules to Ban Harmful Misinformation in the App.

24. Twitter Updates TV Show Reminder Format.

25. Facebook Backs Off on Plan to Bring Ads to WhatsApp.

26. Google Expands Domain Name and Icon Listings in Search Results to Web Queries.

27. Pinterest Publishes New Update on Employee Diversity and its Impacts on Product Decisions.

28. Google Launches New Clothing Search Format to Better Facilitate eCommerce Queries.

29. LinkedIn Adds Live-Streaming for Company Pages and New ‘Invite to Follow’ Options.

30. Instagram Is Working on a New ‘Maps’ Sticker for Instagram Stories.

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